You have 6 tattoos.
Full lips. Good, strong hands.
You have 7 freckles on your back,
they map out the big dipper.

You have a scar on your left arm
you carved in high school.
The first time you pulled off your t shirt
I traced the line with my fingers and fell in love
with your strength.

You are a hero
for living from that moment
to this one. You never need to apologize
for how you chose to survive

Your body is a map I know every inch of
and if anyone else
were to kiss me, all they would taste
is your name.


- Clementine von Radics (via ohfairies)


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"1) Learn to put on your bracelets and zip up your dresses by yourself. There will be times when you will be alone.
2) Get on a long plane ride. Look out the window. Understand the immensity of our world. Understand your insignificance. Understand your absolute importance.
3) Press the send button. If you don’t say it now, you never will.
4) Do not sneer at happiness or roll your eyes at sadness. Be aware that apathy is not healthy.
5) You are more than the amount of people who want to have sex with you.
6) That pit in your stomach when he doesn’t text you back, it shouldn’t be there. No one should be able to control you like that.
7) Shopping is cathartic. Buy the shoes and deal with one-ply toilet paper for a while.
8) It will get better, but it will never be perfect. Learn to live through the small moments of happiness. When they disappear, remember they will resurface.
9) I promise that cookie will not change anything (except that it will make you smile).
10) Please, please, take care of yourself. You are everything to somebody. You are everything to your self. That alone is enough."

- things to remember, -n.m. (via darren-criss)

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"Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you’re at your worst."

- Yara Bashraheel  (via sundaylatte)

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We all have that one person who helps keep us grounded.

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Friend has the sad???!!??!!!!!


I’m coming friend I’ll save you from the sad!!


I am here now you’re going to be okay!!!


You are so beautiful and i love you!!!


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  • Question: you tagged my poem "i love this" and basically i love you so now we're even tysm nice tags make my world go round - cherrybugspray
  • Answer:

    OH MY GOD I basically love you too, that poem was legitmately the most beautiful thing ever and it just fits my mood right now so wonderfully and I can’t get over it; thank youuuu for sharing that lovely piece of work. and for following me! 



I call myself a poet until the moment I put this pen to paper and try to write about you.

I can lay landscapes, I can make people feel like they’ve just had their heart broken with a few words on a notepad. I can explain what it feels like to wish you weren’t breathing, to want to run away. I can make people homesick for places they’ve never been.

But oh God, you. I can’t paint you no matter how many hours I spend trying. Your eyes are…I just can’t put together a sentence good enough to make anyone understand. I’m in awe of all the poets who can look at their lovers and write something beautiful. I feel deaf. Blind. Mute.

Can I take a picture of you and call it a poem? You’re so much more than blots of ink made by Dollar Store pens. You’re so much bigger than I can write you to be. My God, no matter what I write about you.

You’re just so much more.


- I think they invented writer’s block the first time you smiled ~ Caitlyn M. (via cherrybugspray)

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10:05 PM [SENT]: My mouth tastes like rust i think it is because my bones have become cages do you know what that’s like do you know what it’s like to be six inches from salvation but six centimeters from damnation

11:45 PM [SENT]: What if we were supposed to be birds and we lost our wings and being human is our punishment for being too in love with the sky what if that’s why every time I’m at the edge of a cliff I have to stop myself or I will jump

1:15 AM [SENT]: Please please please text me back I really need to talk to someone and you said you would always be there if I needed you please i know it’s late but please

1:31 AM [SENT]: i’m thinking of relapsing

1:47 AM [SENT]: please god it has gotten so bad lately please i just need someone to save me

2:53 AM [SENT]: i’m sorry for bothering you ignore that last text i just can’t sleep it’s so messy in my head actually ignore every text from today i don’t know what’s wrong with me except everything

3:06 AM [SENT]: oh god but when I hit the ground did rock bottom leave a dent

11:12 AM [SENT]: fuck i’m sorry about yesterday i was just in a bad place for a little bit i haven’t been sleeping and i’m super stressed
11:56 PM [RECEIVED]: no problem
1:06 PM [SENT]: yeah sorry again i’m totally fine now sorry haha
1:35 [RECEIVED]: np

2:03 PM [RECEIVED]: my life sucks so badly
2:16 PM [SENT]: hey, don’t be sad, okay? you can talk to me.


- Basically I’m your diary and I don’t think you really care what happens to me. /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)

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this is how i talk
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some of the most effective coping skills i have discovered in recovery thus far. i hope this is helpful to someone :)

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Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good

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""What has hockey even taught you?"
They ask this question like…
Like it’s an accusation, like this game I’ve put all my love and energy into,
This game that can take me to
The highest of highs and
Lift me from the lowest of lows
Is meaningless.
They ask me this question in a mocking tone,
Thinking I, a dumb sports fan, could never offer an answer.
Well lean back in your chair and take a deep breath,
because I’m about to unleash on you
The things the game of hockey has taught me.
When Patrice Bergeron played a hockey game with his body falling apart and blood oozing from his wounds,
I learned pain is nothing if you do what you love.
When the captain of the other team led his team back on the ice after a game to say goodbye to an opponent who was retiring,
I learned the value of respect and honour.
When a player collapsed on the bench and both teams on the ice stopped the game to get him help,
I learned about support and brotherhood.
When millions wept after their team was eliminated in game seven of the Stanley Cup finals,
I learned about a passion so strong it moved you to tears.
When an entire league came together to fight the stigma of mental illness, and to support lgbtq+ members of their community,
I learned to look for love and acceptance anywhere,
Because I deserved it.
When I watched players bloody themselves on the ice in fights, standing up for their team, taking hit after hit,
I learned to take a stand for what matters to me, without fear of consequences.
When I had to defend this glorious sport day after day, to stop it from being belittled at the hands of those so set on a state of mind they refuse to accept the power of a sport,
I learned confidence comes easy when you defend what’s right.
All this and more, I learned from the game of hockey, more than their narrow little minds could ever comprehend.
I hope one day their world will grow and evolve, and encompass the magic of cheering on your team, of screaming until you’re hoarse, because those players on the ice have done more for you than a sheet of paper could ever hold."

- p.s. (via evgeniemalkin)

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Save this to your phones or computer and post it on other websites like twitter too!

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Save this to your phones or computer and post it on other websites like twitter too!

Why would you NOT reblog this?

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there is a women in China holding a black umbrella so she
won’t taste the salt of the rain when the sky begins to weep,

there is a 17 year old girl who smells like pomegranates and has summer air tight on her naked skin, wrapping around her scars
like veins in a bloody garden, who won’t make it past tomorrow,

there is a young man, who buys yellow flowers for the woman
in apartment 84B, who learned braille when he realized she
couldn’t read his poetry about her white neck and mint eyes

there are people watching films,
making love for the first time, opening mail with the
heading of ‘i miss you’, cooking noodles with
organic spices and red sauces, buying lemon detergent,
ignoring ‘do not smoke’ signs, painting murals
of his lips in abandoned warehouses, chewing
the words ‘i love you’ over and over again, swallowing
phone numbers and forgotten birthdays, eating
strawberry pies, drinking white wine off of each
others open mouths, ignoring the telephone,
reading this poem

someone is thinking
i’m alone
someone finally understands
they never really


- poems from my uncles graves  (via irynka)

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